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(608) 444-8172


We are passionate strategists, connectors, coaches and teachers. We know everyone can harness the power of the social web when one understands not just the tools, but the rules for leveraging its amazing potential. We focus on helping you plan, implement and connect so you can develop genuine relationships with your customers and clients. And, we teach you and coach you through the process so you can hit the ground running independently.


Web Design

We help individuals and organizations plan, craft and launch web sites that foster connections with their customers.

Social Web Coaching

We assist you to identify and leverage tools that fit your business model so you aren't overwhelmed ... you are empowered.


As university instructors and presenters for over 15 years, we can customize a presentation for your specific needs.

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Don Stanley, Social Web Strategist

(608) 444-8172

Have an impact -- Reach your peak